Shanghai Old House for Rent

Old garden houses are usually located downtown, generally in the Former French Concession Area. Most old garden houses were built before 1949, and have been beautifully restored to maintain their original architecture. Old houses are very rare and precious because they possess their own unique history and often have
interesting stories about their previous residents. If their owners protected them well, inside the old villas, you may see polished wooden floor boards and well decorated fireplaces, some with working chimneys and pipes. Some houses are even outfitted with antique furniture, art deco interior design, and original light fixtures and window frames. Many houses posses their own private garden and backyard, ideal for weekend BBQ’s and picnics.

The size of the historic garden houses ranges from 250 m² to 1,500 m². Depending on the location, refurbishment quality and size of the house / garden, rental price can range from US$5,000 to US$15,000 a month.

Pros of old Shanghai housing:
Attractive historical architecture
Downtown locations
Sizable gardens
Local life experience, local neighbors
Professional renovations
Close to many commercial Business districts

Cons of old Shanghai housing:
Maintenance issues – 1920s constructed buildings
Relatively expensive (limited supply)
Little or no professional security
Damp and drafty with poor insulation
Potential car parking difficulties
Poor power supply
No facilities or clubhouses