What I Like About Living in Shanghai as an Expat Wife

Series 2 – Managing Life Changes and Expectations

The pace of change for an expat wife has increased to keep up with the desire to create more change. As Dr. Richard Gerber has stated, ‘The discord and unrest occurring upon the planet at this time is a higher reflection of the emotional and spiritual imbalances that exist in many people throughout the world. We must begin to heal disease and distress at the level of causes and not just at the superficial world of physical effects. In order to accept and work with vibrational healing methods, one must begin to make the transition toward personal transformation that is necessary before true physical and spiritual healing can occur.’

What I have noticed is that it is time to change my thinking. What I probably don’t know is how to go about transforming and managing life changes and expectations. Therefore, the first thing I am going to, is to gather information on the things I would like to change so that I can make smart decisions. I once read “What changes your life is not learning more, though education is important. What changes your life is not making decisions, although making choices and acting on them is important.

What changes your life is being in touch with your inner self and designing your life around what is important and true for you.”

There is a great phrase in Huna philosophy that I read: energy flows where attention goes.”Next year I will be faced with yet another expat assignment decision and staying focus on where I want to go sometimes is filled with what can go wrong, but when I bring my thoughts back to where I want to go all I can think of are all the positive things that the change will and can bring to my life.

Einstein once said, ‘Nothing happens until something moves.’ Managing life changes and expectation will not happened until I change the way I think and letting go of limiting beliefs, fear, resentments and making room for more of what I want that is best for me.

When relocating and moving to China its very important to ensure you have your health and safety covered by making sure you have a good China health insurance policy, for ours we used Asia Health who provides medical insurance for expats and locals.