Shanghai properties: major factor behind Shanghai’s popularity

There are several factors that have contributed to the over all growth and development of Shanghai. Beautiful natural surroundings, world class amenities, such as modern shopping malls, and restaurants, and great employment opportunities have made Shanghai a favorite destination amongst tourists and foreign expatriates.

Amongst all the factors, it is Shanghai properties that have helped Shanghai attract thousands of people. Shanghai properties offer multitude of housing options designed specifically to meet the needs of foreign expatriates.

Shanghai property on rent is available at various districts in Shanghai. The most preferred residential localities in Shanghai are Pudong District, Changning District, Huangpu District, Luwan District, Minhang District, Jing’an District, Nanhui District, Qingpu District, and Xuhui District.

Shanghai property in these areas provide a comfortable stay to the foreign expatriates by offering them great connectivity with the major business centers of the city. Moreover, irrespective of the location, property in Shanghai offers beautiful surroundings, friendly neighbourhood, and all the other basic necessities.

All Shanghai houses are well equipped with basic facilities. For instance, old Shanghai houses offer well furnished rooms, kitchen with necessary gadgets, secure parking facility, and security features. For those who can’t do without modern facilities, there are new Shanghai properties. New Shanghai apartments are equipped with all modern amenities, such as club facilities, gym, pool, 24 hour security, parking facilities, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Property in Shanghai varies from one another in terms of building styles as well. There is old Shanghai property that is built around the European style of architecture as well as new property in Shanghai that is based on modern western style of architecture.

These features of Shanghai properties in turn determine the Shanghai property rent. Shanghai property rent for old Shanghai property is usually affordable ($1000) whereas that of new apartments is highly priced ($2500-$10,000). Such a wide range allows every expatriate to choose Shanghai property for rent as per his requirements and of course, budget.

Looking for Shanghai apartments for rent?

As an expatriate, you are sure to get baffled by multitude of housing options in Shanghai. Read further to find Shanghai apartments as per your housing requirements and budget.

Although, Shanghai real estate is a huge market, let us roughly divide it into three broad categories namely Shanghai historical residences, Shanghai new residences, and Shanghai Serviced Apartments. Shanghai historical residences, such as old lane houses, garden houses, and colonial houses, are built around the theme of European architecture, popularly known as colonial style building. Most of these Shanghai apartments can be found along quiet tree-lined streets, located at popular areas, such as Former French Concession Area of Changning, Jing’an, Xuhui and Luwan districts.

As old Shanghai apartments are not equipped with modern amenities, such as club facilities, gym, swimming pool, shopping centers and others, you can get old Shanghai apartments for rent somewhere between $1000 and $5000.

Other types of Shanghai apartments are new residences which include new apartments and new villas. They are recently built to offer all modern amenities, suiting the Western style of living. New built apartments offer a host of services such as shopping centers, modern club facilities, gymnasium, swimming pool, sport facilities, restaurants, and fast food joint. You can find new Shanghai apartments for rent in Binjiang area, Pudong, Xintiandi, Jing’an, Hongqiao, Zhudi Town area, Gubei area, Green City area, and Zhangjiang High-tech Park area.

Apart from the world-class amenities and facilities, new apartments allow better connectivity to major business centers, shopping malls, and international schools. Rent for new Shanghai apartment ranges from $1000-10,000.

Serviced apartments are also available for a similar rental bracket. This particular variety of Shanghai apartment offers a host of services such as, fully furnished rooms with all modern amenities and gadgets, a fully equipped kitchen, en-suite facilities, 24hour security, power back-up, parking facilities, and modern club services.

These Shanghai apartments for rent are available in many areas, including Xintiandi area and Jing’an area for a rent ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.

As an expatriate, it is advised to contact a Shanghai real estate agency to help find Shanghai apartments for rent. Shanghai real estate agent has an adequate knowledge about various types of Shanghai apartments. He can help you find a comfortable and affordable Shanghai apartment for rent.

Some guidelines for finding property in Shanghai

Whether you are an expatriate looking for a comfortable accommodation or a foreign investor planning to invest in Shanghai real estate, property in Shanghai has lot to offer.

Here are few guidelines to help you choose Shanghai property that compliments your requirements and financial position.

Property in Shanghai differs in terms of style of architecture. One the one hand, there are Old Shanghai apartments that are built around the theme of European architecture, popularly known as colonial style building, on the other hand there is New property In Shanghai that is recently built to suit western style of living.

You must choose property in Shanghai as per your individual taste. For instance, if you are fascinated by the elegant and sophisticated European style architecture, Old Shanghai property is an ideal choice for you. But, if you are looking for modern style of constructions, new property in Shanghai would be a better choice.

Property in Shanghai varies not only in terms of style of architecture, but also in terms of facilities offered. There are Shanghai houses that are well equipped with all basic facilities to ensure comfortable accommodation to the expatriates.

At the same time, one can find Shanghai property that provides modern amenities, such as club facilities, gymnasium, and swimming pool, 24 hour security, parking facilities, shopping centers, and restaurants.

You can choose Shanghai property as per your housing requirements. If you want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, you must rent New Shanghai property.

Shanghai property rent depends on its location and facilities offered. For instance, Shanghai property rent for Old Shanghai property is between $1000 and $5000 and that of New Property in Shanghai is between $2500 and $10,000. Such a wide bracket of rental in Shanghai allows every expatriate to choose property in shanghai as per his budget.

The best part about Shanghai property is its superior location that allows expatriates to conveniently reach major business centers of the city, shopping malls, restaurants, and other attractions in Shanghai. You can easily find Shanghai property to rent in Pudong District, Changning District, Huangpu District, Luwan District, Minhang District, Jing’an District, Nanhui District, Qingpu District, and Xuhui District. Beautiful surroundings and friendly neighbourhood of property in Shanghai would make you feel at home.

These above guidelines can help you make a better choice amongst various Shanghai housing options.

Some reasons for renting old houses in Shanghai

If you are looking for a comfortable, yet affordable accommodation in Shanghai, you must consider old houses in Shanghai. There are several reasons for preferring old houses over the new developments in Shanghai.

Old houses in Shanghai are set along the quiet tree-lined streets in beautiful localities of Shanghai, such as Former French Concession area, Xintiandi area, the Jing’an Temple area, Gubei area, Hongmei Road area, and the popular Xuhui Garden area.

These houses would allow you to live in a calm and peaceful environment away from the noisy city life.

Old houses in Shanghai are built around the European style of architecture. You can experience a unique combination of simplicity and elegance by renting an old house in Shanghai.

Old houses in Shanghai would not only let you feel the true charm of Shanghai, but would also offer you all basic amenities. Old houses provide well equipped kitchen,
bedroom, drawing room, security, and parking facilities to ensure that you have a comfortable housing option.

Another advantage of renting old houses in Shanghai is that they allow easy accessibility to major business centers, shopping malls, restaurants, and major tourist attractions in Shanghai.

For instance, you can look for Shanghai house for rent in Puxi. Known for its historic significance as a business center, Puxi offers proximity to many business districts and office towers.

Last, but most important, old houses in Shanghai are highly affordable. House rent in Shanghai for old houses ranges from $1000-$10000. For instance, you can get an old Shanghai house in the downtown of Former French Concession area for a rent as low as $1,500. But, if you are looking for an old apartment for rent in Shanghai that offers unique designs and additional services such as 24 hour security, power back-up, and other facilities, the rent can be somewhere around $5,000. The rent of Shanghai old house is much lower than that of a new Shanghai serviced apartment.

Thus, old Shanghai houses serve as a great housing option for people with modest budgets.

If you are convinced of renting old Shanghai houses, you can look for a house agency in Shanghai. They have adequate knowledge regarding Real Estate In Shanghai and can help you find houses in Shanghai that best meet your needs and budget.

What I Like About Living in Shanghai as an Expat Wife

Series 2 – Managing Life Changes and Expectations

The pace of change for an expat wife has increased to keep up with the desire to create more change. As Dr. Richard Gerber has stated, ‘The discord and unrest occurring upon the planet at this time is a higher reflection of the emotional and spiritual imbalances that exist in many people throughout the world. We must begin to heal disease and distress at the level of causes and not just at the superficial world of physical effects. In order to accept and work with vibrational healing methods, one must begin to make the transition toward personal transformation that is necessary before true physical and spiritual healing can occur.’

What I have noticed is that it is time to change my thinking. What I probably don’t know is how to go about transforming and managing life changes and expectations. Therefore, the first thing I am going to, is to gather information on the things I would like to change so that I can make smart decisions. I once read “What changes your life is not learning more, though education is important. What changes your life is not making decisions, although making choices and acting on them is important.

What changes your life is being in touch with your inner self and designing your life around what is important and true for you.”

There is a great phrase in Huna philosophy that I read: energy flows where attention goes.”Next year I will be faced with yet another expat assignment decision and staying focus on where I want to go sometimes is filled with what can go wrong, but when I bring my thoughts back to where I want to go all I can think of are all the positive things that the change will and can bring to my life.

Einstein once said, ‘Nothing happens until something moves.’ Managing life changes and expectation will not happened until I change the way I think and letting go of limiting beliefs, fear, resentments and making room for more of what I want that is best for me.

When relocating and moving to China its very important to ensure you have your health and safety covered by making sure you have a good China health insurance policy, for ours we used Asia Health who provides medical insurance for expats and locals.